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The lists below are reading material which we have on our own bookshelves and we refer to them often when caring for our animal companions. Personally, we think they are all worth owning, but those marked in purple are ones you should definitely have if you wish to learn more about natural treatments. We are in no way suggesting that they are a substitute for actual veterinarian care when you have a sick animal. They are teaching tools and references, when appropriate, to help you better understand your animal companions health before and after a doctor has made a diagnosis.


The Nature of Animal Healing
Martin Goldstein, D.V.M.
ISBN: 0-34543-919-8

All you ever wanted to know about Herbs for Pets
Mary L. Wulff-Tilford & Gregory L. Tilford
ISBN: 1-889540-64-1

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals
Helen Graham & Gregory Vlamis
ISBN: 1-899171-72-x

Hands-On Healing for Pets
Margrit Coates
ISBN: 1-8441-3051-7

Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs (Small doses for small animals)
Don Hamilton, D.V.M.
ISBN: 1-55643-295-x
This is an excellent book to learn about homeopathy for ALL animals

House Rabbit Handbook (How to live with an urban rabbit)
Marinell Harriman
ISBN: 0-94092-017-4

10 Herbs for Happy, Healthy Cats
Lura Rogers
ISBN: 1-58017-347-0

Herbal Remedies for Dogs and Cats (A pocket guide to selection and use)
Mary Wulff-Tilford & Gregory L. Tilford
ISBN: 0-9638638-8-6

Natural Health Care for your Cat
Dr. Rudolf Deiser
ISBN: 0-7641-0123-4

Pieces of my Heart (Writings inspired by animals and nature)
Jim Willis
ISBN: 0-7414-1015-x

Language of Animals (7 steps to communicating with animals)
Carol Gurney
ISBN: 0-440-50912-2

The Soul of your Pet (Evidence for the survival of animals after death)
Scott S. Smith
ISBN: 1-55818-402-3

Blessing the Bridge (What animals teach us about death, dying and beyond)
Rita M. Reynolds
ISBN: 0-939165-38-4

Goodbye, Friend (Healing wisdom for anyone who has ever lost a pet)
Gary Kowalski
ISBN: 1-883478-22-7

The Heart that is loved never forgets (Recovering from loss: When humans and animals lose their companions)
Kaetheryn Walker
ISBN: 0-89281-702-x

Good-Bye My Friend (Grieving the loss of a pet)
Mary and Herb Montgomery
ISBN: 1-879779-00-5

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