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Want to add a little extra to your order to help the chinchillas? Include a DONATION to your cart! Add $5, $10, $25 or more by clicking on an amount. You can also increase the amount by changing the quantity at checkout. Thank you!

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When you shop Our Store, you help support a non-profit rescue since 100% of all proceeds are put into a fund to provide for the rescued chinchillas' daily and medical needs.


SHIPPING NOTICE I ship our orders by USPS Priority Mail throughout the US (including Alaska & Hawaii). We will refund any over charge of shipping fees that exceed one dollar. Orders are normally shipped in the sequence they are received. Custom made items may take longer to put together and ship. The holiday season may delay shipping simply because of the volume of orders received. I try to get orders shipped within 48-72 hours of receiving them, however that is not always possible. The chinchillas always come first here and if things are very busy, orders will be filled and shipped as soon as possible. I'm sure you understand as we are all chinchilla lovers and want the best for them. Your patronage is greatly appreciated!

Please note; Based on destination, we may have to ship by Standard Post when ordering a Maze or other heavy or large items. Because PayPal shipping system is far from perfect, extra shipping charge may apply in some cases. You will be sent an invoice through PayPal for any extra shipping fee due.

Canadian & International Orders You will be invoiced separately for shipping fees through PayPal. This is done to get a more accurate fee. Any package weighing more than 4 pounds must be shipping by Priority Mail. That can often double shipping fees, so please keep that in mind when ordering items.

We are obligated to charge all CT residents 6.35% sales tax.